Let’s Convert Scala Files to TUN files!

Here is how to convert Scala files to TUN files. We have to select a Scala file, and add information about the actual desired pitch for the scale to anchor to since Scala files by themselves are for scales and not tunings. As they don’t include the specific pitch information needed to create a complete instrument tuning, we will add that here.

  1. Please specify a Scala file:

    Scala files have the suffix .SCL

  2. Please specify the scale’s starting key and the desired frequency of this key’s pitch, given in Hz (cycles per second). You can type in the field or select a preset from the menu. The key given will be the point where the first note of the Scale anchors itself to a real pitch, forming a Tuning.

    Middle C is C3. Concert A is A3.

  3. Now press this button to download your .TUN file: